Friday, September 19, 2008

Coming soon on Pithy and Cleaver: Porkstravaganza 2008

Stay tuned, folks: this weekend comes part two* of my pulled pork project, Porkstravaganza 2008. Come Sunday, I will be roasting up 8 pounds of pure porcine poetry in the pursuit of the perfect medianoche. If you have any words of wisdom, leave them in the comments. If not...well, you'll get a full report next week.

Once more unto the breach!

* I can already hear you asking what happened to part 1--suffice it to say, it predates this blog, and didn't turn out quite the way i wanted it. Delicious, yes. But nonetheless not quite what i was after.

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Drew Kime said...

Since you asked for advice ... Don't think you can rush it. I've seen crock pot pulled pork recipes that said, "Six hours on high, or ten hours on low." Don't believe it. Go for the ten.