Friday, October 24, 2008

notes from the wine country


howdy, campers! did you miss me?

I'm back from way out west and would like to thank everyone who sent me such fantastic suggestions as to things to see and do and taste; I hate to admit that I didn't follow a single suggestion (mea culpa! mea culpa!). I meant to, I really did! I had all these ideas about how this trip was going to turn out, all these thoughts of the new and exciting things we'd do and try...


...instead, the trip became (as my trips back to California typically do) a whirlwind of family and friends; though we managed to get out and see a few things (and get nicely drunk in the alexander valley), for the most part the trip was spent introducing Bench to my mother, learning to grill, driving a mini cooper and catching up with my past. I did cook a little, and I will share what I've learned shortly. Re-entry into real life has been a little bumpy, and I need a couple minutes to put my thoughts together.

Having said that..Hi! It's great to see you! Stay tuned for more mischief in the kitchen!


maggie said...

Um, yes! Beautiful wine country pics!

Heather said...

wow! beautiful pictures! it looks like a lovely trip!

Anonymous said...

Great photos- I'm jealous of your trip!

alexandra's kitchen said...

can't wait for more mischief