Friday, October 17, 2008

We interrupt this broadcast...

Howdy, campers!

I'm going to be heading Way Out West for a week or so, which pretty much means I'm not going to be posting (though I'll certainly try).

In the meantime, I leave you in the very capable hands of the lovely Maggie.

Hopefully I'll have a tale or two to spin upon my return; if you have any suggestions as to where to go in San Francisco or the Sonoma county area, drop me a line!

Have a great week, everyone (and don't forget to check in with us)!



Anonymous said...

Have a wonderful trip :)

Kim said...

Enjoy your trip, you will eat well that's for sure. It has been so long since I have been their so forgot all the good places to eat. It is the only city where I manage to get in 4 meals!

AnticiPlate said...

Go to restaurant Gary Danko in San Francisco and stay at the Auberge de Soleil in Napa. If you want to be really extravagant, of course:)

maggie said...

Recent entries on The Wednesday Chef detail her recent trip there...sounds amaaaazing.