Thursday, December 11, 2008

Is it Last Minute Already?

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Whether it's "last minute" yet or not depends on your you thrive in malls teeming with shoppers? Or do you prefer making a list and checking it off in the warmth of your own home, where you can control the soundtrack?

You still have a few days left to order Christmas gifts and get Amazon free shipping, though Chanukah is a little earlier, starting on the 21st.

There are some deals to be had. Case in point: the Silpat, pictured above. People love these things. Usually around $20, they're on special for $10 right now. Or, gift yourself a few of these, and use for homemade treats (praline? yes!) to give away (or keep!) We've added a link to it in our Amazon widget below, along with other kitchen goodies we know and love.

While you're at it, please support the publishing industry. We're struggling a little around here. A few recommendations: All About Braising by Molly Stevens. Throw in a Lodge Enameled Dutch Oven for an amazing gift! And if someone you know doesn't already own Marc Meyer's brunch book, do them a favor and get it for them. If you'd rather order from Barnes & Noble, enter code D9E4E3T for 10% off until Dec 18th.

More gifts addendum!
While we're at it, how about a set of pretty measuring spoons with a handwritten cookbook of your favorite recipes? Or a silicone whisk to prevent scraping enamel cookware. We just received these gorgeous pepper and salt mills and we LOVE them.


AnticiPlate said...

I hate to admit this but I havent even started. I have been so busy with Nutcracker that I havent even begun to shop. I am making it my goal for Monday and Tuesday:)

Heather said...

i love silpats!! they're my favorite things ever! i'm already finished my shopping, but i might get some of these myself :)

Heather said...

There're still 2 weeks until Christmas! It's not last minute yet. I do love silpats - they're so great for making praline.

Lo said...

Ah, the beloved silpat. You can never have too many of them... seriously :)

Totally not last minute yet, in my book... although it tends to sneak up!

alexandra's kitchen said...

great tip! I use my Silpat all the time and it makes a great gift indeed.

AnticiPlate said...

Also! I just wanted to tell you that I love your blog roll. I finally decided to visit all of the blogs you read, and they are stunning. (Thanks for the add of my blog, as well) .

Rebecca said...

$10 silpats--get out of town! I might just have to invest now. :) Happy holidays, ladies!

Terry B said...

I usually start my holiday shopping right after my office party, preferably while still slightly intoxicated. For years, my wife had wanted me to get my ear pierced. I did it as a present to her under the conditions described above. Happily, she thought it was a great gift.