Sunday, December 21, 2008

Snow and Crabs (No, Not Snow Crabs)

Greetings from the wild west.

We've gotten inches and inches of snow, and may well be trapped in the house for the duration of our holiday trip. They don't salt the roads out here, so you can stand at my parent's front window to watch the cars slide down the hill sideways.

But you could do worse than sitting at my mother's table with a giant Dungeness crab in one hand and a cracking utensil in the other. It's sort of a messy business, requiring a shower afterwards, but an incomparable treat. I've been to Baltimore, and I know they like their crabs, but these big guys are the real thing as far as I'm concerned.

Happy holidays—I hope you're not stuck in an airport somewhere.


Heather said...

ah! i am from baltimore and my head just exploded! there is no crab but a chessie crab! and you can't drink it without ice cold (cheap) beer ;)

this one does look really tasty though! enjoy the snow :)

AnticiPlate said...

Where are you? Seattle:) I am dealing with the same thing, except we still have to drive in to do Nutcracker. Ha!

maggie said...

just outside portland...snowed in for the third day and electricity is on and off...