Saturday, December 6, 2008

Still waiting for that holiday spirit: Sweets and treats on the brain

Okay. I think I've finally recovered enough from Thanksgiving to once again take quill in hand and start blogging again. It's good to be back!

As you've probably gathered from the calendar, the holidays are fast upon us. As you've probably gathered from this post's title, I am still trying to get into the spirit of things. At the moment, I'm trying to prime the pump (so to speak) by pondering what exactly it is I'm going to be making throughout the season. I have come to the rather stunning conclusion that most people are going to be getting gifts of food from me (sorry to ruin the surprise, people I love!); likely suspects include dulce de leche, lemon curd, and the surprisingly successful chocolate covered mintmallows. I am, however, looking for a few more items to round out the insanity; perhaps something that involves actual chewing.

Conveniently, all the food mags are conspiring at this VERY MOMENT to give me a push, inundating me with (food) pornographic photographs and suggestions for luscious creations that I could try. Unfortunately, none of the recipes are ringing my bell. And so, I turn to the internet. This looks mighty intriguing (now that I have big blue, anything involving meringue is sounding more and more attractive); these don't look bad, either.

Any suggestions? What do you make for the holidays?


Anonymous said...

I'm making small cookies to give to most people, but my best friend is probably getting dark chocolate pecan turtles. She buys them at the candy store in our hometown whenever she's there, so I figured why couldn't I make them?...Despite the fact that I've never made caramel before!

Heather said...

oh no :( no holiday spirit! i hope it kicks in soon :)

maggie said...

These look good:

We Are Never Full said...

see now grits... i've gots to get myself into some grits. growing up in the northeastern part of the US, grits weren't really part of our table, but i have GOT to make them! this recipe looks fabulous.

EB of SpiceDish said...

I'm in the exact same frame of mind! I just can't get in that *spirit* so I've tried to decide what to bake to kick myself in the spirit rear! I'm thinking of making a few of the Gourmet cookies of the year (some of the recipes from the 40's + 50's look great).