Wednesday, November 26, 2008

And we're back: Artichoke and prosciutto gratin with gorgonzola



12:58pm, Thanksgiving day: The gratin is now prepped for the oven--we've added the cream, the gorgonzola and sage, and the love.

: I realize this is not the most interesting of all our entries; it's just...we've done this one twice before, so there's not a lot of ruminating left to do. Mea culpa! We'll make it up to you; perhaps I'll tap dance.


4:57: The artichokes are merrily wrapped up, and are resting comfortably in the dish. Tomorrow, we smother them in gorgonzola, cream, and other wonderful things. We'll give you the play by play as it happens. Be sure to check back!

Wow. That is truly a mighty amount of prosciutto that we have obtained. Cured meat bonanza!

Artichokes, meet prosciutto. Prosciutto, meet artichokes. Let's have some fun!

This one is a perennial crowd-pleaser; also a ticking arterial time bomb, but worth every luscious, coronarial bite. It's a bit fiddly, as most dishes that require the wrapping of items in prosciutto tend to be, but it's fun and absolutely worth it. And when you're done, you have something that is so creamy sweet salty's hard not to absolutely adore.

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maggie said...

canned artichokes? looks delish.