Thursday, November 27, 2008

Nothing you haven't seen before: Figs and prosciutto


: They are under the broiler, being professionally fabulous. T-minus 3 minutes!


They turned out so beautifully, I just had to give you a picture. Aren't they pretty?

Hi guys!

So, we're a bit crazed in here; we're assembling figs, my hands are full, Biscuit is juggling a thousand tasks. Delightful houseguest no. 1 is wrapping things in prosciutto, Delightful houseguest no. 3 is taking care of the dish backlog. My sister is lost and we're trying to give her directions. We're at capacity, which means we're probably not going to get to blogging the figs until later. Or at all, since ,you've seen these things before.

I will say: fresh mission figs. Coach farm triple cream cheese. 15-year old balsamic vinegar. Organic Sonoma County eucalyptus honey. Aw. Motherfuckin'. Yeah. This stuff's going to be good.

More later!

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