Thursday, November 27, 2008

Main Event: Herb-Roasted Turkey


4:41: More basting. The shallots are caramelizing. You don't even know.

1:50: Basting, basting. ...which would be easier with an actual baster. I tend to just slosh the stock across the top from a measuring cup, which works pretty well too.

12: 51:
Turkey's looking good. Would be looking better if the oven had been on.

: Ladies and gentlemen, the turkey is in the oven. Repeat: the turkey is in the oven. And it smells fucking AWESOME in here (not just the turkey).


12:03 pm: Okay! We're all buttered up, tucked in, and ready to go. As soon as a couple pies come out of the oven, I can rejigger the shelving in there, and in she goes.


: Shiv here. Biscuit is violating the turkey. And by "violating," I mean smothering it in the wonderful, delightful herb butter. Also wearing it as a glove.

10:30 am: After my first not-entirely-successful attempt at roasting a turkey (Maple-Glazed), I decided to switch to a different recipe for Year Two. I've never looked back. The Herb-Roasted Turkey always ends up succulent and delicious -- and as a bonus, makes a gravy that is so mind-boggling, I wish I could go swimming in it. As of right now, the turkey has been rinsed out, I have some slave labor (hi, Zack!) peeling me a mountain of shallots, and the herb butter is coming up to room temp. Turkey! Pow!

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