Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Interlude: Grating all the cheese in the world.


3:22: For the record, this is what 4.5lbs of grated cheese looks like (half a pound had to be sacrificed to the mushroom gods).

3:20: Oh, sweet merciful heavens, I HAVE FINISHED! Now, the bigger challenge: not stuffing it all into my face immediately.

(and yet, for all its sass, it doesn't take up much room once grated. Interesting.)

AIE! The pecorino likes to jump around--if you're using some of this, grate slowly.

3 down, 2 to go. Somehow, I still have all my knuckles.

Also, a 1-qt ziploc bag holds half pound of grated cheese perfectly. In case you ever need to know that.

I clearly did not need to lift any weights at the gym this morning. Stand in awe of my mighty left arm!

Grating, grating, the process is slow and it's long! Grating, grating, this is my cheese grating soooooong!

: Aaaaaaappppeeeennnnzeelllleeeeerrrrrr! (Grating a pound of cheese takes longer than I would like.)

12:26: We start with the Appenzeller, because saying it makes me happy.


We like cheese. We like it A LOT. Thus, I find myself staring down no less than 5 lbs of Appenzeller, New York State cheddar, Swiss, Pepper jack, and Pecorino Romano. Let's rock!

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