Tuesday, November 25, 2008

PiePiePiePie Part 3: Mint Julep Pie

12:19 am: Biscuit here: Three out of three people think that the mint julep pie is effing delicious. ...Now we just need to figure out how to make it pretty. Ideas are already percolating. More details tomorrow when Mint Julep Pie Mark II comes out, and we post the recipe. Yessssss!


11:57: So far, so not quite what we were after--at least aesthetically. Stay tuned, we try again in the morning. Tips and tricks on how to bend a custard pie to your will totally appreciated.

I should not be trusted with custard. We think we can salvage the mint julep pie, but it may yet turn ugly. stay tuned.

Biscuit here. I redid the ganache with less cream, and the custard is on the makeshift double-boiler, but we may have had some crossed signals with regards to the "half-batch" we were going for, and it might or might not be thickening. This is totally the most fun dessert of the night!

the milk is scalding; i get schooled on how to blend egg yolks and sugar; biscuit creates a non-ganache that is really closer in personality to the best hot chocolate you've ever had.

the custard begins.

: I'll be honest--this dessert is the wild card. We found ourselves with a large bottle of bourbon and a ridiculous pile of mint, and figured that the best way to dispose of both surpluses was to make a dessert from them; specifically, a pie modeled after that favorite of mine, the mint julep. The problem was that we had no recipe to riff off of, which meant that not only were we responsible for the art of the project, but the chemistry as well. So...we're experimenting here. Tonight's live blog will cover our testing phase; if we find something that works, we'll make a proper batch tomorrow.

Please be gentle.


Heather said...

whoa! mint julep pie! i am dying to have this recipe! i am keeping my fingers crossed that it turns out!!

Heather said...

hey i'm trying to follow your blog in google reader, but it says your feed isn't on...

maggie said...

a little garnish is all you need. awesome.

maggie said...

sugared mint leaves? I think you dip in eggwhite and then sugar so they sort of candify....